White & Marini Publishing revisited an old Christmas tradition in the form of a book/activity kit that will create new family memories.  The legend of the Christmas Pickle is brought to life by showcasing Pennie Pickle's journey to becoming the beloved Christmas Pickle.

The book is a story for young and old alike and will delight generations to come.  It's a timeless story and reads well with simple rhyme and melodic sound.

The colorful pages and exquisite drawings were created by Tom Paul Fox of Arizona.  He used vibrant colors and created an "over-the-top cute" Pennie to bring a smile to all that read about her.

The traditional book is presented in large format and is easy to read and the 8.5" x 11" format is easy to handle.

White & Marini also developed a song called Pennie, the Christmas Pickle which sets Pennie's journey to music.  Michael Hartigan of Hartigan Music wrote the music and the recording is sung by Casey McDonough which features Sweet Pepprika.

White & Marini consists of the author, Tony Marini and Brent White--head of marketing.  Marini has been writing for over 30 years which led to his passion of writing a holiday themed book and lyrics to Pennie's hit song.  White brings with him over 30 years of small business marketing and experience.